Dayton Children’s Hospital

Care for Multiples

Our team has the skill, expertise and experience needed to care for mothers carrying multiples.

 If you are pregnant with twins or higher order multiples such as triplets or quadruplets your pregnancy is highly unique and requires specialized care. All multiple gestations including twins, are high-risk and may have serious complications for both the babies and the mother.

Most multiples pregnancies result in healthy babies, however, you are at higher risk for many complications including high blood pressure, anemia, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and placental issues. Babies are at risk for complications from premature birth, fetal growth abnormalities, problems with the umbilical cord, placenta and the amniotic fluid, birth defects and cerebral palsy. Working with our specialized team can decrease the risk of complications during your pregnancy and increase the opportunity for you to carry your babies to term.

At the Fetal to Newborn Care Center we work with you to anticipate your needs and the specific needs of each baby. Our center offers the following services specifically for mothers of multiples:

  • Sophisticated technology to monitor your pregnancy and diagnostic tests to identify any potential fetal conditions.
  • Prenatal genetic counseling to help you learn whether your babies may be at increased risk for a genetic disorder or birth defect. Our counselors can also assist you in making decisions about testing options.
  • Cutting-edge treatments including amnioreduction and in utero laser treatment.
  • High-risk labor and delivery options at our perinatal intensive care unit (PICU) offering highly experienced specialists and advanced treatment options.
  • The region’s most experienced Level III newborn intensive care units (NICU) with full access to board-certified neonatologists, pediatric subspecialists and surgeons as well as masters trained neonatal nurse practitioners, specialized nurses and respiratory therapists, and lactation consultants.

The Fetal to Newborn Care Center is also one of the few programs in the country that provides potentially life-saving treatment for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, a rare but serious complication affecting identical twins.

Knowing you’re having twins or multiples can be both exciting and overwhelming. We’ve designed our program with you and your babies in mind to give you guidance and support during this critical time.