Dayton Children’s Hospital


Bladder exstrophy

Dr. Jayanthi, Chief of Urology at Dayton Children’s, began caring for Gemma before she was even born. When Gemma’s mom, Lydia, was six months pregnant an ultrasound and MRI performed at Dayton Children’s confirmed that Gemma had bladder exstrophy, a rare and complex condition where the bladder forms outside of a baby’s body. On average, this condition occurs in about 1 out of every 50,000 live births.

Because of prenatal counseling from the urology team, Gemma was discharged home directly

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Julia Coltri

Julia Coltri, MS, LGC, CGC is a board-certified, state-licensed genetic counselor.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in biology from Brandeis University and her Master’s of Science degree in Genetic Counseling from The Ohio State University.  She is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at The Ohio State University and serves as a clinical supervisor. Her clinical interests include prenatal diagnosis, the prenatal presentation of rare diseases, healthcare disparities, management of genetic diseases in pregnant individuals, and patient-centered support and

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