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Fetal care with compassion

When Lindsay Ackley became pregnant with her second child, she was no stranger to the pregnancy journey ahead. Due to gestational diabetes in her first pregnancy, she was considered high-risk and started seeing her OB/GYN early in her first trimester. She also saw the maternal fetal specialists with the Fetal to Newborn Care Center, a partnership between Premier Health and Dayton Children’s Hospital.

However, at her 10-week fetal ultrasound, Lindsay, and her partner Kevin, were surprised to learn the scan indicated that

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One in a million

“I can’t find her foot”

At Megan’s 20-week ultrasound during pregnancy, the technician thought the baby might have her right leg “tucked up” toward her tummy, and she was having a hard time getting a clear picture. Megan and her husband Chris were asked to walk around for 15 minutes and come back. The tech tried once again and still couldn’t see the baby’s right leg.

That’s when the Carroll’s were referred to the Fetal to Newborn Care Center, a collaborative between the

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